Your host Karen wishes to welcome you to her home

which she shares with her furry and feathered friends. The renovation of Can Torras was a labour of love and took eight years to complete from its purchase in 2002. Now it is simply too beautiful not to share!

Karen Peirson Can Torras

Karen studied Human Nutrition at Nottingham University,

but soon developed her love of Sales and Marketing, working initially with a babyfood company. Once married she accompanied her husband overseas for several fantastic years in the Caribbean, raised two children there and started a fitness club. Back in the UK it was time to set up a gourmet food delivery company and then an interesting opportunity brought her and her family to a new life in Catalonia in 2000.

After the renovation of the farmhouse,

a new career in tourism developed which is perfect for someone who loves meeting new people and enthusing about the arts, nature and food in her adopted home. Now and again, with the help of some wonderful volunteer house sitters she indulges her love of travel around the world but Can Torras is always a wonderful place to come back to.